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Nader KOUJAN And His Partners Co. for chemical fertilizers

Hello and thank you for taking the time to know our company,
Nader KOUJAN & His Partners Co." for chemical fertilizers was established in July 2012 in Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan as an expansion to our existing sister company "Koujan For Industrial&Agriculture Sulphur" incorporated in Syria during 1991.

The goal of this expansion is to sustain our reliable supplies flow to our regional customers while serving asstrategic substitute for our holding company.

The factory is located in the Development Zone of Ma'an (southern area of Jordan). Our products’ range includes various agriculture fertilizers like NPK granules, powder, liquid and suspension fertilizers. In addition, we supply Sulphur powder for a variety of agricultural and industrial applications.

Our mission is to competitively serve new customers in new markets by delivering not only high quality products that comply with the International Standards of Fertilizers Products, but also by providing trusted scientific solutions, advanced technologies, professional and ethical commercial practices to our customers and suppliers all over the world.

The technical division supports our sales leads and clients’ inquiries for all our products before and after sales. Our trust solutions and innovative produce are customized to your conditions and requirements.

Nader KOUJAN & His Partners Co. relies profoundly on our in house and heavily-funded R&Dlaboratory to develop innovative and sophisticated products to solve problems traditional offerings cannot tackle. We will be very happy to discuss your chemical fertilizer requirements and offer your our best in term of product and server

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